Saturday, February 27, 2016

New Phases

In some small way I am moving on. There is this restless feeling that blows in like a spring storm, and you can almost feel it before it comes, even before it looms over the horizon. Change is coming.

Change I make, and one you could too.

Things from the day to day will stay the same, but I am ready for that new phase in life. I am ready. My reviews, my books, my blogs, my writing my everything else will stay the same. My sites and social media shall stay the same. It is all here, and all the same. The series I am working on shall be finished.

In my own time, and when the words which shall be true come to me.

Though, that wind blows. The leaves rustle, and the branches bend in the gusts which portend a new beginning is just about here. The air takes on that tangible feeling, that feeling of something larger shaping the course of your life, that electric potential of something wondrous and great hanging in the air.

And you feel it.

It is there.

Do nothing, and watch it slip away.

Do something, and like a dandelion seed your bristles shall catch the wind and you shall be off on a new adventure, a new direction, and a new and marvelous journey with so many sights to see. High above the lands you shall fly, with an infinite canvas of beauty spilling out beneath your feet as you spin higher and higher.

You shall see things you never imagined you would see.

You shall gain perspectives you never thought possible.

You shall be thrilled at the danger of it all, and by the excitement. Adventure does not come without risks, yet the risk is what makes overcoming these challenges all the more exhilarating.

This shall be a new beginning, here, now.

As the dirt sails away from between your fingers, you note the direction of the wind, and its strength. You feel the heavy nature of the air, and the pent-up energy.

It is almost electric.

You can feel the new burst of life and incredible times coming on. It is almost as if an echo of these times has reached you before the words were spoken, a precursor to the greatness you shall achieve in these coming moments.

It is here, almost now.

The moment.

The time for a change, and a new phase to your life. When you shall actually live. When you shall actually breathe a fresh breath of air again.

It comes, and do not wait to spread your wings and fly.