Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Seed of an Idea

I have a book and a series to finish, but other ideas are there, waiting, under the surface.

Like a seedling waiting to sprout forth in a burst of new life, the idea sits and germinates.

It is coming. The potential is great. The possibilities are endless. It is that feeling you get when you think of something great, you become excited, and then you cannot wait to express what you feel. You cannot wait until finger comes to keyboard and life begins again. You cannot wait until that moment strikes and you find obsession again.

And you know it is there, waiting.

Something great comes.

You don't want to over-hype, nor do you want to over-plan this. It is like too much water or too much attention. What you must get right is timing, work too early and the conditions for success will not be right, and work too late and the idea goes stale and the growing season passes.

It is all about timing now.

Let this sprout wait a while, and then I shall begin.

It shall come.

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