Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fly Away Dove, Fly Away

Love is what makes it so hard.

But it also makes it so special.

It is hard letting go of the things we love. The things which bring us happiness. The things which have become a part of us. The shock of them leaving us tears our hearts out, and it makes us pause.

It makes us face our own mortality.

No matter how great, how central, or even if something which we bring into our lives sits on the periphery yet is still loved - it is a part of us.

And when we lose a part of us?

It hurts.

It takes away something we thought certain, thought we would have forever, and something which we always took for granted. Things we love shall always be here, right?


And the silence of that certain answer in the negative gives us a chill.

The things we love will always go away.

For that is what makes them so special.

And they shall always be a part of us. Forever until our passings.

U shall always be a part of ME.

This world shall always be a more beautiful place because of U.

Goodbye, my Prince.

Fly away, dove.

Fly away.