Thursday, June 8, 2017


You are completely right about everything.

Your point of view, your wit, your insight, and your unique viewpoint on the world...guess what? You are completely, unerringly, perfectly right 100% of the time. Always. No question. Your viewpoint is always the mainstream, right, and correct way of seeing the world.

I exist to confirm your superiority and correctness. I am the magic mirror upon the wall which tells you everything you wish to hear. How right you are. How your view of the world is the only one that matters. How morally superior you are to everyone. How intelligent, witty, and right you are in your beliefs.

How the only opinion that matters in this world is yours.

That is what you want to hear, right?

Now stare into that mirror and tell me what you see.

Here is the catch. If I spend all my time praising your with and intelligence, I am going to want something. It is only a fair trade, after all. Like any smart person, I know you aren't fooled by this time-old technique of praising your superior nature just so I can sell you a bottle of my snake oil tonic. No, that's not me at all. Why would you even think that? You, after all, are the superior intellect in this situation.

You need not question my motives. I heap this praise upon you because I know you are always, 100% completely right and morally superior to everyone else.

And I'm on your side, after all.

If my snake oil doesn't interest you, all I ask is you come back tomorrow for another generous helping of my praise and admiration. It is free, after all. And it is what you wish to hear.

Please, come back tomorrow and I shall tell you how wonderful you are again. How right you are. How your view of the world is morally superior. How the others out there, you know, those other people, how they despise the good and morally superior people like us.

You and me. Good friends.

See you tomorrow.


There is no price for my sugar-covered words, after all.

Only a moment of your time.

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